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Urban Cycling Solutions (UCS) is a catalytic consulting enterprise dedicated to empowering communities with active transportation, public art complete streets and integrated multimodal mobility networks. We partner with communities and transportation agencies to transform the way people move with the right combination of infrastructure, policy and education. Our pragmatic approach begins with alignment on a community's unique vision and mobility goals. We apply our vast knowledge of emerging transportation technologies, trends and innovations to create customized solutions which optimize connectivity and consumer choice as well as higher social, economic, safety and public health outcomes. UCS is a woman-owned small business and a New York State certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE). 

What We Do...

We transform the way people move, build "places" and empower individualized mobility...

* Bicycle & Transit Integration
* Strategic Mobility Planning 
* Complete Streets Trainings & Community Workshops
* Stakeholder Engagement & Visioning
* Public Art Consulting
* Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Planning
* Trail Feasibility Studies
* Transportation Network Assessment
* Bicycle Education Program Development
* Data Analysis
* Transit Planning
* Shared Mobility Service Integration
* Wayfinding
* Sustainable Freight Mobility
* Bike Share Planning and Deployment
* Concept Illustrations & Renderings

UCS takes a pragmatic approach to project development. We engage in an iterative planning process with our clients to ensure that solutions are tailored to meet the needs of individual communities. Our team combines the industry’s cutting-edge mobility and placemaking concepts with ground-level analysis to produce transformative community solutions. We also prioritize education for public agencies, and the communities they serve to build credibility and shared understanding around innovative planning opportunities.

UCS works with clients throughout the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to advance multimodal transportation systems and connections with transit. These include:
* Transit Agencies
* Local and State Departments of Transportation (DOTs)
* Local Government Agencies
* Metropolitan Transit Organizations (MPOs)
* Nonprofit Advocacy and Planning Organizations
* Public Authorities



Our Work


National Guide to Bicycle and Transit Integration 

UCS Principal, Dan Suraci, AICP led the development of  the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) definitive National Guide to Bicycle and Transit Integration.  This tactical document was written in collaboration with more than 30 transit agencies and advocacy groups across the country and includes the industry's latest strategies and best practices for extending the reach of transit with bicycle transportation.


The Long Island Greenway Conceptual Trail Design Study - An extension of the Empire State Trail

UCS led the development of a conceptual master plan for a 24-mile pilot trail alignment to demonstrate the utility and ultimate feasibility of extending the Empire State Trail on Long Island.  


Extending Transit: Integrating Bicycle Mobility to Complete New York’s First and Last Mile

UCS conceived of and developed an unprecedented feasibility study on bike transit integration including the establishment of the country’s first statewide dataset illustrating the current state of bicycle and transit integration in NYS.


Tactical Complete Street Plan, Piermont, NY

UCS worked with the Village of Piermont to design a series of Main Street pilot projects to both demonstrate the value of complete street concepts to the community and develop a baseline dataset.


Bicycle Action Plan, Newburgh, NY

UCS worked with the City of Newburgh to develop a bicycle action plan which prioritized equity and connectivity with transit, while laying the groundwork for a network of bicycle infrastructure throughout the City.


Street Action Now!

UCS provided technical guidance to launch/facilitate the “Street Action NOW” Program, and provided on-call communications support to Bike New York throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic.  


New York State Active Transportation & Complete Streets Workshops

In partnership with the NYS Energey Research & Development authority and Department of Health, UCS developed New York State's first official training curriculum for Active Transportation & Complete Streets and is currently leading workshops in communities throughout the state...

Our Team

Anna Shukeylo is a creative thinker with a broad portfolio of design and project management experience. Anna leads the design and public art practice as well as day-to-day operations of UCS. In this role she works closely with community stakeholders to realize a vision using concepts, renderings, models and various "big picture" strategies. Her curatorial portfolio includes group art shows at institutional and community galleries as well as coordination of public open calls for art submissions. Outside of UCS, Anna is a practicing artist, curator and university professor of fine art.

Anna Shukeylo
CEO & Design Principal

Dan Suraci, AICP is a strategic thinker and pragmatic leader with a proven track record of management results across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Dan is a nationally recognized expert on equitable mobility solutions and active connections to transit; working in collaboration with more than 30 transit agencies across the country, Dan led the development of APTA's national guide for Bicycle and Transit Integration. His multidisciplinary portfolio also includes projects ranging from the development of New York State’s first active transportation and complete streets training curriculum for planning boards and municipal officials to a pilot wayfinding system in New York Penn Station and a feasibility study of an extension of the Empire State Trail on Long Island. Outside of the office Dan is an avid bicyclist and instructor on safe riding practices.

Dan Suraci, AICP

Paul Winkeller brings decades of experience - across all levels of government and the nonprofit sector - working to advance active transportation, conservation and sustainability policy. Paul's pragmatic, results-oriented approach has yielded an extensive portfolio of successful projects and organizational outcomes. This includes the launch of New York Bike Summit, initiation of the Empire State Trail Extension initiative, and implementation of a suite of statewide bicycle education programs. His core competencies include executive leadership and direct experience with program development, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning.  

Paul Winkeller
Senior Advisor

UCS regularly partners with an extensive cadre of elite affiliates to provide unique client value. Many of these individuals are former executives from bicycling organizations, public agencies and other fields.

On-Call Affiliates

Isabella (Isa) is an avid bicyclist and lover of all other modes of transportation. Whether it's darting through subway turnstiles, climbing onboard the bus, or hopping in the car, Isa is always eager to indulge in diverse transportation options. Isa is a national expert on eliciting petting and tummy rubs. As office manager and mascot at UCS, she maintains strict napping hours and ensures that staff take regular breaks throughout the day. On occasion [and with food], she has also been known to perform a trick or two.

Office Manager & Mascot

45 Overlook Terrace, STE 6C
New York, NY 10033

Contacts 718-635-2648