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New York Cycling Census

UCS developed and distributed the inaugural New York State Cycling Census, the largest statewide consumer survey of cyclists ever conducted in the United States, yielding more than 13,700 responses.  

UCS launched the first-ever NY Cycling Census to develop an unprecedented statewide dataset on consumer behavior as it relates to both general cycling preferences, and integration with public transit.



This unprecedented response represents a raw indicator of consumer demand for cycling in NYS.  


NYS Counites

The Cycling Census Data includes responses from every single county in New York State.


Data Points

The Cycling Census includes a broad set of questions designed to identify consumer preferences and barriers as it relates to biking.



New Yorkers have a lot to say about cycling! The Cycling Census yielded more than 13,000 comments on a wide variety of subjects. 

Census Results

The Cycling Census dataset is a freely available resource for any agency, organization or individual.  The Cycling Census includes two tools accessible below, including the summary report and an interactive data dashboard.  The results will be published here in spring of 2023!


Cycling Census Final Report

This report contains a summary of the Cycling Cenus dataset, as well as infrastructure, policy, and programatic recommendations based on key findings.  


Cycling Census Data Dashboard

The Data dashboard is an interactive tool that enables any New Yorker to access the Census Data, and perform their own analyses tailored to meet local needs.  


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