Tactical Street Plan, Piermont, NY

A tactical plan to  pilot complete street concepts and map out next steps for the Village of Piermont, NY.

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UCS is currently working with the Village of Piermont to design a series of Main Street pilot projects to both demonstrate the value of complete street concepts to the community and develop a baseline dataset. Using these pilots as platform, UCS will complete a comprehensive mobility plan to detail complete street improvements throughout the Village.  



The Village of Piermont is a Hudson River community and a regular thoroughfare for bicycle traffic. The forthcoming completion of the Mario Cuomo Bridge shared-use path is expected to spur a higher volume of bicycle traffic through the village. In anticipation, the Village of Piermont adopted a complete streets policy in August and invited UCS to conduct a complete street training and visioning workshop.  


What We Did

UCS designed three pilot projects at either end of the Village‚Äôs primary commercial corridor. In addition to diagramming proposed pilots on public right-of-way, UCS developed a comprehensive public outreach campaign, and designed a series of digital and on-site information systems to garner feedback on proposed improvements from the community. Data collected from these pilots combined with quantitative analysis will serve as the basis of a tactical plan outlining specific strategies to enable a comprehensive approach to complete streets. 



This project is currently in development and will be complete in Fall of 2019. 


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