Street Action Now

UCS provided technical guidance to launch/facilitate the “Street Action NOW” Program, and provided on-call communications support to Bike New York throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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In collaboration with Bike New York Staff, UCS helped develop and faciliate the street action now program.  This program is focused on empowering New Yorkers to identify street design challenges on NYC streets and develop pragmatic design solutions for presentation to the New York City Department of Transportation and local community boards.  



The Street Action NOW Program was developed by Bike New York to empower New Yorkers with the education, tools and resources for documenting, organizing and communicating unsafe street conditions as well as the development of specific street enhancements to propose to local community boards and NYCDOT. In addition to this program, the Covid-19 pandemic required a shift in Bike New York’s programs and outreach activities into an online format, which necessitated additional strategic communications planning and implementation capacity.     


What We Did

UCS designed the technical elements of the street action now program, including the development of a street audit tool for program participants to use in the field. In addition, UCS developed a series of learning modules focused on the technical realities of conducting a walk audit as well as basic street design concepts and data collection methods. In addition to the Street Action NOW program, UCS worked with Bike New York to develop a monthly social media schedule designed to promote online programs, and facilitate continual grassroots engagement. UCS also managed Bike New York’s media engagement including the development of several press releases.   



The initial cohort of program participants included 55 New Yorkers from across the five boroughs. Participants are currently preparing their street action plan documents for distribution to NYCDOT and local community boards.  As a result of UCS’ press and social media engagement, Bike New York’s classes received record numbers of participants including a peak of nearly 300 participants in signature learn to ride classes in the new online format.


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