Gouverneur Community Action Plan

A tactical plan to advance complete streets and economic development in the Town and Village of Gouverneur.

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UCS is working with the Town and Village of Gouverneur to develop a transformative community action plan.  This tactical document will provide a roadmap for the Town and Village to advance and track key initiatives aimed at increasing street safety for all users and producing higher economic and public health outcomes.  The action plan also lays out big picture visions of success as well as a "street score sheet" with a series of key performance indicators.    



The Town and Village of Gouverneur are in the midst of developing a complete street policy. In addition, students from Clarkson University are conducting sidewalk inventories throughout both municipalities to develop a dataset on pedestrian infrastructure. The purpose of this community action plan was to capitalize on the momentum of these concurrent initiatives and provide a roadmap for moving forward with complete streets.


What We Did

UCS conducted an extensive analysis of all available data on the Town and Village of Gouverneur. This included crash reports, demographics and economic analysis. UCS also led an on-site workshop which included a walk audit, visioning exercise and SWOT analysis to determine community priorities. With this data, UCS worked with key community stakeholders to develop actionable projects that the Town and Village can undertake to advance complete streets. UCS also recommended key performance indicators based on stated community priorities.



This project is currently in development and will be complete in summer of 2019.  


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